Advice regarding tombstones

The prices of tombstones vary from R3 000 to R20 000 depending on size and what kind of granite you prefer, as well as accessories that you would like to add.
Different colours of granite are available, but the Rustenburg granite, a dark coal grey, lightly speckled, is the most popular and least expensive.

Polishing has a great influence on the price of the tombstone, as well as any other dressing of the stone. The “rustic” effect for instance is more labour intensive and could be more expensive. In the past it has been most important to wait until the soil has sufficiently settled before a tombstone could be erected.

New cemeteries have mainly berm sections which means only a head stone is erected.  Tombstones are therefore erected as soon as the concrete strips are done.  The soil on the grave is leveled and grass is planted on the rest of the grave.
For more information please contact our offices at 012 329 3682/3/4. Grobbelaars Funeral Services offers assistance in selecting and ordering tombstones.
You are welcome to arrange a personal meeting with us to view examples from our catalogue, or design a tombstone of your choice. For more information please contact our offices at 012 329 3682/3/4.