Emotional After Care

It is the sincere wish of the managing director and personnel of Grobbelaars Funeral Services that a bereaved person be comforted after the loss of a loved one.
We would like you to be knowledgeable regarding the emotional phases of grief that you might experience.  When a loved one passes away, it can be tremendously helpful for the bereaved to understand the various experiences which grief will bring.  While the emotional responses to loss are varied, what follows are six of the most common feelings present during grief.

After care – Tombstones (Memorials)

Grobbelaars Funeral Services offers assistance in selecting and ordering tombstones as part of our unique after care service.  This professional service is rendered with care, empathy, honesty and transparency, all values of Grobbelaars Funeral Services.
After care – Grobbelaars Funeral Services WALL OF REMEMBRANCE, click here

Bereavement counsellors and support groups