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Family Plan

Family and Individual Plan

So many people do not keep up with the rising costs of a funeral! With the exception of the funeral costs, a funeral will also include unforeseen expenses e.g.  Traveling costs, accommodation etc. Live life to the fullest with the knowledge that your loved ones are taken care of with no financial burden regarding funeral expenses!


Employees Group Scheme

The Employees funeral benefit is designed to provide a funeral benefit for all staff and their management.

With this product, you can assist your staff and avoid unnecessary loans to enable them to pay for their loved one’s funeral expenses without an advance on their salary.

This product is only available for their immediate family i.e. husband / wife with a maximum of six children (under the age of 21 years), or 25 years if the child is studying at a registered educational institution.  Maximum age of entry is 65 years.

After retirement, this Employees funeral benefit can be converted to an individual plan.