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We offer affordable funeral cover to ensure peace of mind during the most traumatic time of your life


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Grobbelaars Squirrel

Why the Squirrel?

The squirrel in our logo is symbolic of the diligence and prudence with which this little animal makes provision to gather nuts and food in advance of the difficult winter months.

Our lives are similarly characterized by the seasons in our lives with all its risks and dangers. Unfortunately, nobody knows when that grey day will arrive. Therefore, we need to make provision for the winter season of our lives in the same manner as the squirrel. Make sure that you do not find yourself without adequate financial cover.

Grobbelaars Financial Services specialize exclusively in funeral policies for individuals, compulsory and voluntary schemes for companies, churches and any other organizations.

We offer affordable funeral policies that you can trust.

WE ARE COMMITTED TO COMPREHENSIVE FUNERAL INSURANCE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES TO OUR customers with professionalism, integrity and compassion.

FSP number: 29536